Here are Thompson's suggestions for caring for your carpet - Click here for the Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Vacuum your carpet at least once or twice each week, before it looks soiled.
  • Remove any loose particles such as loose food, leaves, pieces of crayon, bugs, etc. as these items can cause a spot on the carpet.
  • Keep non-carpeted areas such as the kitchen floor free of dirt and grime to prevent more soil from being tracked onto carpets.
  • Consider having a professional carpet cleaner apply carpet protector treatment after professional cleaning. It will protect against liquid spills, resist oily, liquid, or dry soil and will make your vacuuming more efficient. Spots will be easier to remove.
  • Adjust the vacuum's brush to penetrate 1/8" to 1/4" into the carpet pile. Change filter bags when they reach 2/3 full.
  • Have professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning and spot removal one to two times per year - more frequently for heavy traffic areas. Most stain resistance warranties require period cleaning to remain in effect. Refer to the following chart for cleaning frequency.

The most critical maintenance areas in your home are the high traffic areas such as entry ways from the outside, hallways, walkways within and between rooms, and areas that pets have access to. Carpeting in these areas will wear down quickly if heavy soil isn't vacuumed up at least twice a week. Dirt is extremely abrasive to carpet fibers and breaks them down causing excessive wear. Vacuuming removes the sharp soil that can cut and slice the fiber causing premature wear. Much of this soil is not visible to the eye.

In addition to frequent vacuuming, you can easily minimize the dirt coming into your home by having an entry mat inside the doorway. Better yet, also place a doormat outside the doorway.

Caring for Your Homes Carpets