Grooming decreases drying time, untangles any yarn and helps eliminate or minimize the appearance of matting or crushing. When used with stain protector it helps apply the product  more evenly to the carpet fibers.

Groom the Carpet

 Fiber protector is highly recommended to prevent stains and prolong the life of your carpet.

Protect the Carpet - Apply Soil and Stain Protector

 Return furniture to original locations and place pads and blocks under furniture feet.

Move Furniture Back

 Fibers will dry quickly and the fiber tips will be soft after cleaning. 

Use Restorative Scrubber

Drying and Finishing

 Our Hot Water Truck Mount System is designed for the most superior cleaning.  

Hot Water Extraction


  Restorative scrub in high-traffic areas.​

Use Restorative Scrubber

 Apply soil-suspending agents to push dirt to the surface and separate it from fibers.​

Pre-treat the Carpet

Thoroughly vacuum with an industrial vacuum to remove deep soiling.

Pre-vacuum the Carpet

Protect Areas

Place mats and wall corner protectors where needed. Move furniture away from areas to be cleaned.


Evaluate the Carpet

Visually inspect the type and condition of the areas to b cleaned, and understand the various spots and stains in the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Process