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Protecting Your Carpet

The United States is home to some 68 million dog owners and 73 million cat owners according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.  That’s a lot of love – and a lot of carpet stains.

How Can I Get the Pet Odor out of My Carpet?

As soon as the pet urinates on the carpet, the warm, acidic liquid immediately becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.  The urine spreads and gravitates down into the pad and subfloor.  It is important to determine where it has spread.  Once urine begins to dry, the moisture evaporates and microscopic salts and crystals are formed.  These salts remain in your carpet, pad, and subfloor and this is where the smell is coming from.

The crystals and salts react to the humidity in the air.  Any humidity level change causes the crystals and salts to give off a heavier urine smell.  This often occurs in the summer when it is humid and in the winter when the household heat is on.  Urine smells last for years in carpet.  In order to eliminate the odor, the crystal and salt deposits must be permanently deactivated.  Male animals urinate around perimeters and female animals urinate in open areas.  Determining the total amount of urine in the carpet is critical in order to ensure the procedure is effective.  Thompson’s Steam Way (928-776-9123) can analyze your carpet’s cleaning needs and provide effective odor removal.

Accidents on carpet require quick cleanup to remove bacteria and odor. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) suggests:

·         Extract the moisture.  Put an inch-thick layer of paper towels on the area and a color-fast absorbent towel on top to absorb moisture. Leave it overnight.

·         Seal the floor underneath.  Treat under floors before installing carpet.  Thoroughly clean, disinfect, and seal concrete floors. For wood floors, cut out and replace wood rot. Disinfect any stained areas and apply wood sealer.

·         Enlist a certified professional likeThomson’s Steam Way (928-776-9123). Without specialized chemicals and extraction equipment, pet owners may not be able to completely remove soiling from carpet.

How Thompson’s Steam Way Can Help with Pet Urine Odors

Most consumers without specialized chemicals and extraction equipment may not be able to completely remove pet urine from wall-to-wall carpet or area rugs because many products provide only temporary relief. Thompson’s Steam Way (928-776-9123) uses enzyme deodorants and powerful oxidizing agents that digest or destroy odor-causing protein and/or bacteria that are the source of urine odor.  More importantly, they have efficient extraction cleaning equipment that is able to flush suspended or dissolved residues from the carpet to leave it residue- and odor-free.  Thompson’s Steam Way has the IICRC-certified and recommended professionals who are certified Odor Control Technicians.

Remember that if the animal still resides in your house, he or she will almost inevitably re-mark his or her territory, thereby causing the odor to return.

Harvey and Cyndi Starr
“Thompson’s responded right away when we needed a major cleanup of one of our area rugs due to a pet mess.  They returned our rug and pad in pristine condition and with no residual odor whatsoever.  Their prompt response and quality service removed all our stress from our “pet mess!” 

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