3.       Pre-test the cleaner on any fabric in a hidden area.  Check for color fastness and fabric compatibility. Work lightly, blotting from center to the edges.  “Feather” the edges by dampening edges irregularly and blotting quickly to avoid rings.
4.       Quickly dry a cleaned spot using a small fan or blow dryer on low and moving directly and evenly across the fabric.

Protecting Upholstery Fabric

By far, fabric protection is the best possible way to extend the life of your upholstery and keep it looking new. Fabric protection will ensure that your upholstery will last longer, look better longer, and clean easier.  It does not change the look or feel of the fabric and it is non-allergenic and has low odor.

The fabric protection treatment is a spray that is applied to all fabric surfaces of the piece.  The application “wicks” (flows) into the fibers of the fabric, creating a protective barrier against soils and stains.  Not only does a fabric protection treatment create a barrier against stains and spills, it also provides a barrier against dirt and dust particles that cause excess abrasion and premature fabric wear.

Caring for Your Upholstered Furniture

Between professional cleanings, you can keep your furniture’s upholstery looking bright and clean by following a few simple steps:

·         Rotate and reverse (if possible) loose cushions weekly to ensure even wear.
·         Vacuum dust and dirt from all fabric, cracks, and crevasses.
·         Protect upholstered furniture from fading by keeping it out of direct sunlight.
·         Keep pets off furniture as their body oils rub off and are very difficult to remove.
·         Use caution with clothing such as blue jeans as fabric dyes can sometimes transfer onto upholstered furniture.
·         Immediately blot (don’t rub) spills with a clean, absorbent cloth while the spill is still fresh.  Dried spills and older stains are more difficult to remove.  See the following  cleaning process to remove spills and stains.
·         If upholstery has overall soiling, call Thompson’s Steam Way for professional cleaning service at 928-776-9123.

Use the following process to remove spills and stains when they do occur:

1.       Blot (don’t rub) spills immediately with a clean absorbent cloth.
2.       Use the following table to identify the cleaning code for your fabric type to determine the type of process to use:

Or at the Office

 For Your Home's Upholstered Furniture

You probably invested a lot of time and money in selecting the design, color, and texture of your furniture’s upholstery.  All upholstered furniture both in your home and office becomes soiled from use so when the colors start to fade or the silky texture begins to feel not quite as soft, have it professionally cleaned to restore the vibrant colors and textures and keep it looking beautiful.

Thompson Steam Way’s gentle and effective professional cleaning followed by fabric protection will restore the appearance and extend the life of your upholstered furniture.  And because furniture comes in various types of fabrics, we first determine what type of fabric it is in order to clean it properly.  Using the wrong cleaning agents will ruin the fibers and possibly the entire piece.

Upholstery Cleaning